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Anti-Virus/Malware Services

Does it seem like there’s a gremlin inside your computer? It could be a virus. No matter what kind of PC you have, you need the latest antivirus software. Not only do antivirus programs protect your computer from damage, but they also prevent you from accidentally passing viruses to family and friends when you send emails or share files.

What is Malware? Malware is advertising or surveillance software installed on computers without the users knowledge for the purpose of monitoring internet patterns and gathering personal and confidential information. If Malware is not controlled it may leave you a victim of "identity theft", retrieving your credit card details, personal emails, and passwords. Every day computers are infected by Malware, Adware and other malicious trojans making it the most prevalent privacy and security risk in the marketplace. Please read the ComputerWorld article on Malware removal for an example of the strategies involved in fixing an infected computer. We use the appropiate methods to deal with Malware including isolating operatings systems, root kit detection and drive wiping if necessary. We will repair or remove infected files, remove trojans and repair the registry, then make sure you are adequately protected going forward.

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ComputerWorld article on Malware