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August 2009 Tech of the Month

The following is an article posted in the Technician Portal of The Go2IT Group web site:

Tech of the Month: Ray Heidbrink

Ray Heidbrink is a highly skilled IT Professional. Ray has completed many different types of projects, always finishing well before the deadline. A thorough and meticulous worker Ray always completes projects quickly but never sacrifices speed for quality of work.

Ray’s skill and expertise are complimented by his excellent leadership abilities and his superior ability to work alone and unsupervised. Regardless of his role as team leader, assist, or stand alone technician, Ray always meets and exceeds all expectations of any project role.

The Go2IT Group is one of a number of professional IT recruting organizations that I keep in contact with to provide contract services to firms such as Dell, HP, IBM, and Xerox. I was extremely honored that I had been selected as the tech of the month as The Go2IT Group has the entire United States to choose from when reviewing and selecting the techs that receive recognition.

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